WPS Terms to Know

Agricultural Establishment:
Any farm, forest, nursery, or greenhouse.
Commercial Pesticide Handling Establishment:
A business that employs pesticide (custom) applicators or crop advisors to perform tasks or apply pesticides on an agricultural establishment.
Individual employed at farms to mix, load, transfer, or apply pesticides, or do other tasks that bring them into direct contact with pesticides.
Individual employed to do tasks involved in production, such as weeding, planting, cultivating, pruning, and harvesting. By definition, “workers” do not apply pesticides or handle pesticide application equipment.
Restricted Entry Interval (REI):
The waiting period after a pesticide has been applied, usually between 4 and 48 hours, during which entry into the treated area is prohibited.
Early Entry:
Entrance into a treated area before the REI expires. Early entry within the first 4 hours after a pesticide application is prohibited.
Early Entry Worker:
A fully trained and equipped worker who is able to perform limited tasks during an REI.
Immediate Family:
This includes the spouse, children, stepchildren, foster children, parents, stepparents, foster parents, brothers, sisters, and in-laws of a farmer/manager.

Compiled by Wayne Buhler, PhD.

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