Reduce the Need for Disposal

Minimize the amount of pesticide discarded by following these guidelines:

  • Use an integrated pest management (IPM) program to manage pests.
  • Buy only the amount of pesticide needed for one season.
  • For each application, calculate how much diluted pesticide is required for the job and calibrate equipment. Use all the mixed pesticide in accordance with label instructions.
  • Use older pesticides first so that products are less likely to go out of date before use.
  • Apply rinse water containing pesticide residue to labeled-use sites.
  • If equipment is not rinsed on a pad where the rinsate is contained within a sump, wash equipment in the field where the application is made. If field rinsing is done on a repeated basis, make certain to rinse the equipment in various locations of the field where the pesticide is applied. This will prevent the buildup of residues in one area.
  • The use of sprayers with in-line pesticide injection systems eliminates excess spray mixture entirely. The pesticide and water are kept in separate tanks, and a separate metering pump feeds the pesticide into the spray line. Any excess water is left in the water tank, and excess pesticide remains in the pesticide tank.

Compiled by Wayne Buhler, PhD