Spill Kit Contents

Spill kits should be labeled and designated for use in handling pesticide spills only, and should be strategically placed where spills are most likely to occur. The label should list the contents, and the kit should be sealed to discourage item loss.

Shop kit

Vehicle kit

1 instruction sheet

1 55-gallon open-head drum

4 pairs nitrile gloves

2 pair goggles

2 respirators and pesticide cartridges

2 aprons (chemical resistant)

2 pairs rubber boots

2 pairs of cotton coveralls

1 dustpan

1 shop brush

1 square-point ‘D’ handle shovel

1 dozen polyethylene bags w/ties

1 push broom with synthetic fibers

1 gallon liquid detergent

3 gallons household bleach

80 lbs absorbent material

1 bung wrench

1 drum spigot

1 l-3/8’ open-end wrench

1 drum pump (manual)

30 ft ½” polyethylene tubing

or 1 25-ft garden hose

blank labels

1 instruction sheet

1 5-gallon pail

2 pairs of nitrile gloves

1 pair goggles

1 respirator and cartridges

1 pair coveralls

1 dustpan

1 shop brush

10-30 lbs absorbent material

1 pint liquid detergent

6 polyethylene bags w/ties

1 portable eyewash

blank labels

1 first aid kit

1 pair rubber boots

1 apron

20 Gallon Maintenance Shop Attack Kit55-Gallon Maintenance Shop Attack Kit

Compiled by Ron Gardner

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