Activity Ideas

Always read and follow label directions before buying or using a pesticide. Follow all appropriate federal, state, tribal and local regulations.

A Few Activity Ideas for Participants in National Pesticide Safety Education Month

One important purpose of National Pesticide Safety Education Month is to reinforce core principles of safe pesticide use with many audiences. Everyone can have a role in advancing the safe use of pesticides.

State Pesticide Safety Education Programs and state pesticide regulatory agencies are always focused, in many ways, on safe use of pesticides, but here are a few ideas for the rest of us:

  1. Learn about the different types of pesticides – Which do you have at home or at work? Are they stored according to label directions?
  2. If you have a pest that you cannot identify, ask for assistance. For example, your county or regional extension office can help. Is it really a pest? What are good options to control it? Are there ways to prevent it in the future?
  3. Do some type of assessment of your own pesticide safety practices. Compare and discuss your practices with adult family members and friends, and make any necessary adjustments.
  4. Ask your county or regional extension office to suggest appropriate guest speakers who can speak to a group about the safety information on the pesticide label. Any group can benefit from this information – some examples are your employees or customers, a garden club or civic organization, or an FFA chapter or 4-H program for older age groups.
  5. Host an expert at a designated time in your retail store, to answer customer questions about pesticides.
  6. Use pesticides safely and promote safe use all year long – not just during February!