Pesticide Storage Checklist

Inspect your pesticide storage area regularly. If you answer “no” to any statements below, take immediate steps to correct the situation.

Pesticide Storage Checklist, A useful one-page storage checklist for printing.

Date of Inspection:
Safety Yes No Yes No Yes No
Storage room locked.      
Storage area signs posted with emergency contact information.      
No Smoking signs posted.      
Personal protective equipment stored nearby.      
Clean up supplies stored nearby.      
Inventory is up to date and stored separately.      
Labels and SDS on file      
Fire extinguisher in good working order      
Storage Area
Ventilation system is working.
Area is clean with no debris or combustibles.
Floor is clear of spills or leaks.
Pesticides stored off floor
Storage area contains pesticides only–no feed, fertilizer or other materials.
Container Inspection
Labels readable and attached to containers.
Containers marked with purchase date.
Dry formulations stored above liquids.
Container caps are tightly closed.
Used containers are rinsed and punctured.

Adapted from “Pesticides and Their Proper Storage” Purdue Pesticide Publication PPP-26