Presentations on Pollinator Protection

Pollination and Protecting Pollinators. A video from Washington State University developed by Carrie Foss, Urban IPM Coordinator.

Bee Aware! What You Can do as a Private Pesticide Applicator to Safeguard Bees from Pesticide Poisoning. PowerPoint Presentation and Script. Wayne Buhler and Bill Skelton, North Carolina State University. 2015. The presentation may be used in part or whole with proper attribution to the authors and resources cited in final slide.

Pollinators and Pesticide Stewardship. Bill Riden and Kerry Richards, Penn State Pesticide Education Program. This PowerPoint presentation may be used in part or whole, the only requirement is that Slide 31 (Photo/Graphic Credits) must be retained.

Bee Health in North America: Understanding Colony Decline. (.pdf file) Rick Fell, Virginia Tech.

Bees: Protecting our Pollinators. Marla Spivak, University of Minnesota.

Neonicotinoid Pesticides and Pollinators.  Gary Fish, Maine Board of Pesticide Control. 2015.

The Power of Pollinators. Educational resources to teach gardeners and naturalists about pollination in three modules: Why Pollinators Matter, Bee Biology and Identification, and Gardening for Pollinators. To access: Visit the Extension Foundation’s website, and self-enroll. It’s free, easy and secure.