Almond BMPs

Click on the links below for information and resources on best management practices involving pesticides and honey bees in almonds:

Honey Bee Best Management Practices for California Almonds
. California Almond Board.

Securing Pollinator Health and Crop Protection: Communication and Adoption of Farm Management Techniques in Four Crops. 2014. Wojcik V., Adams, L. and Rourke, K. Pollinator Partnership.

Project Apis m. BMPs for Almond Growers (website).

Best Management Practices Using Insecticides During Bloom and Honey Bee Brood. Bob Curtis and Gabriele Ludwig. Almond Board of California.

Seasonal Guide to Environmentally Responsible Pest Management Practices in Almonds. University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Leaflet 21619.

Honey Bees and Agricultural Sprays. Eric Mussen. UC Davis.

A Successful Harvest Starts at Bloom. Almond Board website.

Fungicides, Bactericides, and Biologicals for Deciduous Tree Fruit, Nut, Strawberry, and Vine Crops 2013. UC Davis, Dept. of Plant Pathology, UC Kearney Ag Center, UC Davis Statewide IPM Program.

Relative Toxicities of Pesticides Used in Almonds to Natural Enemies and Honey Bees. UC IPM (website).

Compiled by Wayne Buhler, PhD.

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