Resource Agencies

U.S. Department of Agriculture

National Program Leader, Cooperative Extension Service
South Ag Building
1400 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20450-0900

National Integrated Pest Management Program
– Liaison between federal government and state IPM specialists

National Fish and Wildlife Program
– Liaison between federal government and state wildlife specialist

U.S. Department of the Interior

Fish and Wildlife Service
1849 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20240
– For wildlife management—research, technical assistance, and enforcement

Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
Laurel, Maryland 20708
– For wildlife research—pesticide and contaminant effects on wildlife

Division of Endangered Species
Fort Snelling Federal Building
Twin Cities, Minnesota 55111
– For fisheries research—pesticide hazards to aquatic organisms

National Fish Contaminants Research Center
Route 2, 4200 New Haven Road
Columbia, Missouri 65201
– Fisheries research—pesticide hazards to aquatic organisms

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

401 M Street
Washington, DC 20406

Office of Pesticide Programs
– For pesticide registration, environmental risk assessment, and evaluation of environmental and wildlife data for registration

Regional Offices
– Atlanta (404) 562-9900
– Boston (617) 918-1111
– Chicago (312) 353-2000
– Dallas (214) 665-2000
– Denver (303) 312-6312
– Kansas City, KS (913) 551-7003
– New York (212) 637-3000
– Philadelphia (214) 814-5000
– San Francisco (415) 744-1305
– Seattle (206) 553-1200

Authored by Fred Whitford, et al.

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